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 EMFISS is a sport accessories brand that is focusing on surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding/ longboarding and camping.

​Today's people is constantly stuck in front of screens, at desks, and behind closed doors. Our goal is to break those norms and bring people outside into the world and enable active lifestyles.


To make people engage with outdoor activity and in love with nature.


Our Mission is to design products that can enhance peoples' experience of adventure through the preparation of their gear before, during or after a variety of activities.

We Manufacture !!!

We believe a good product not only need good design but also need good engineer so we work closely with our vendor to make sure our product quality.

We Design !!!

We love new ideas. New ideas always help us to push the boundary of existing product and help us to design the better product. 

We Observe !!!

We care the insight from our target user. Their behaviors and unmet needs will become our compass.

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